rare combo -it’ a one year only style ’78+ Short Wheel Base + V-8 + no windows . Those 4 things combined are what makes this the most awesome van ever. I know some jackass is gonna talk trash about the price and then compare it to another one that’s lacking one of those 4 features. Well if you’re that guy, then you’re not comparing apples to apples, so I don’t wanna hear it. I’ve been a vanner a long time, finding a solid, uncut shorty is hard enough, but then add to it a rebuilt 360 with a new carburetor and a big cam with side pipes, hell yeah brother, now we’re talkin’. So, I know alotta guys like to talk smack, but I’m not gonna argue with you if you don’t like my van or you don’t like my price. ‘Cause, I like my van, and if you wanna own it, you’re gonna need to like it more than I do… it’s as simple as that my friend. Alright now, ’nuff small talk, here’s the facts…

1978 B-200

Short Wheel Base

360 V-8, 4bbl

727 Automatic

The other stuff, like the mag wheels, side pipes, fender flairs and all that cool 70’s vibe, you can see for yourself in the pictures. I don’t need to state the obvious, but here’s some things you don’t see…

It’s got an oil leak coming from the oil pan gasket. It was just a slight leak, but my dumbass tried to change it. After popping it loose, I realized you can’t change it without lifting the engine up, and I didn’t want to do all that, so I just buttoned it back up and left it alone, but by doing so, I just made it worse. It’s not so bad you can’t drive it, but you might want to park in the grass.

Engine was rebuilt 3000 miles ago by the previous owner.

The body is very solid, but not 100%. It’s had a little patch work near the inside of the rear cargo door on the passenger side. But overall, it’s got very little rust to fuss about. This is about the most solid original that I have come across lately. I’m gonna just say it’s real solid but not virgin metal.

If the mag wheels look dull, it’s because they got mag polish on them that I haven’t had time to clean off.

If the van looks dirty, it’s because I’ve never washed it.

The cam is a little bigger than it should be. The RPM’s have to be dialed up to keep it from shutting off when you come to a complete stop. Like when it’s in gear, but your foot is on the brake. If for any reason you ever need to remove the transmission, that would be a good time to put in a stall converter. It might also be a good time to change that oil pan gasket. Either way, it doesn’t keep you from driving it. It’s just kind of annoying.

The van runs strong, drives, shifts and brakes like it should. It’s perfectly capable of being a daily driver if you can afford the gas.

All the gauges and lights are working like they should.

It’s not fast but it is loud.

It has this one intermittent issue that I can’t solve. When the engine is at full operating temperature and it’s hot outside and you shut the engine down, if you try to start it back up before the engine has completely cooled down, it doesn’t start because it’s flooded the second you try to start it. I was told it was because of the big cam & the stock ignition coil, so that was replaced with a high-power coil, but it still does it sometimes. The solution is wait ten minutes, don’t touch the gas pedal, just crank it and it starts.

Can you drive this back home cross country ? the answer is Yes, but… it’s old, and will most likely break down on you somewhere along the way because that’s just what old MoPar’s do. If you like living a life of adventure, than go for it. If I were going to get this thing across country, I would bring a trailer or hire a guy with a trailer.

TITLE – It has a clear NC title in my name.

That’s about all the important stuff that I can think of to mention. Feel free to ask any questions as long as they’re not stupid.

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